Response: Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Plan

Core Concepts

The Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Plan is designed to increase the effectiveness of suicide prevention efforts by focusing on guiding principles that will promote widespread use of best practices for suicide prevention in Wisconsin. Core concepts include:

  • Evidence-based prevention—Use the best available research and data throughout the process of planning and implementing suicide prevention efforts and promote the widespread use of evidence-based and best practices that have been shown to be effective.

  • Coordinated efforts—Mobilize coordinated, effective efforts by state agencies, the Prevent Suicide Wisconsin Steering Committee, local suicide prevention coalitions,
    and other partners.

  • Statewide impact—Work to make evidence-based and best practices reach a saturation level across the state by focusing on promotion of a select number of targeted initiatives for a given time period.

  • Results-oriented progress—Monitor the progress of the prevention plan at the state level.