Upcoming Talk Saves Lives Trainings from AFSP WI 

This is a community-based presentation that covers the general scope of suicide, the research on prevention, and what people can do to fight suicide. Participants will learn the common risk factors for suicide in the LGBTQ+ populations, how to spot warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones and those in the community safe.

June 8 | 6:30-8pm | Talk Saves Lives, A Brief Introduction to LGBTQ Suicide Prevention (click to register) 

June 10 | 12-1pm | Talk Saves Lives, A Brief Introduction to LGBTQ Suicide Prevention (click to register) 


Training for Creating and Managing Virtual Suicide Bereavement Support Groups 

This AFSP live webinar will instruct you on how to use free video technology to hold a virtual suicide bereavement support group online. Instructions on the logistics of online groups, as well as practical ways to facilitate a virtual suicide bereavement support group, will be covered.Many suicide bereavement support groups are or have moved their in-person support groups to a virtual format over the last few weeks. These sudden and unpredictable changes in our daily lives have caused stressors for everyone, and, as we know, when someone is grieving, they are especially isolated. This free webinar will be recorded and available for all suicide loss support group facilitators. 

Click here to access the recording 

Click here for the training slides


SPRC Webinar: Training Suicidal Patients During COVID19: Best Practices and Telehealth 

Click here to access event materials (recording and slides) 

Mental health professionals continue to provide therapy for patients using telehealth despite this new era of quarantine and COVID-19. This is a significant change for most but research suggests that telehealth can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy and for some patients, it is even preferable. Many clinicians were treating patients at risk for suicide safely in outpatient settings, rarely turning to hospitalization, prior to this quarantine and can continue to provide safe and effective care using telehealth. 

This webinar addressed the use of three best practices in caring for people at risk for suicide that can be delivered easily and effectively via telehealth: safety plans, treatment that directly targets thoughts of suicide, and DBT-based self-help skills and resources that clinicians can start employing in treatment immediately as well as share with patients.

Treating Suicidal Risk Using Telepsychology - On Demand Webinar

In this one-hour on-demand video, Dr. David Jobes responds to the telepsychology use of CAMS and the Suicide Status Form within a virtual modality.

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Treating Suicidal College Students Using Telepsychology

This one-hour on-demand video hosted by Dr. David Jobes features CAMS-care expert consultant Dr. Melinda Moore. The topic presented is the telepsychology use of CAMS for treating suicidal college students and moving the Eastern Kentucky University Psychology Clinic on line so that Dr. Moore and her staff, including doctoral students trained in CAMS, can continue to treat patients remotely.

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Trainings from TTCs around the country

March-May 2020 | Peer Recovery Support Series (click to find list of recordings) Great Lakes ATTC & NAADAC webinar series

April-May 2020 |  Suicide Prevention Across the Educational Continuum: Six-Part Webinar Series (click for recordings), Mountain Plains MHTTC webinar series
April 7-28, 2020 | 10AM-11:00 AM | Telehealth Learning & Consultation (TLC) Tuesdays, Mid-America ATTC & MHTTC, Mountain Plains MHTTC, and SAMHSA virtual series | Click for recordings: Telehealth Basics, Telehealth Billing, Telehealth Tools, Telehealth with Children and Adolescents, Telehealth Troubleshooting 

June 2 | 2PM CT | Rural Primary Care Tools and Resources for Managing Suicidal Ideation During COVID19 (click to register)Mountain Plains MHTTC


MHTTC Webinar Series on Telehealth 

The Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network is launching a national webinar series on clinical innovations in telehealth learning.  This is a weekly online series targeting high-priority clinical issues for providers using telehealth.

May 19 | Telehealth and Suicide Care (click for recording) 

May 26 | 12pm CT: Telehealth and CBT For Psychosis (recording coming soon)

June 2 | 12pm CT: Telehealth and Health Disparities, with the National Hispanic/Latino MHTTC (click for registration)

June 9 | 12pm CT: Telehealth and Trauma (click for registration) 



Other Trainings of Interest

April-May 2020 | Problem Gambling Clinical Webinar Series FY20MD Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling webinar series
April 3, 2020 | 2:00 PM | Telehealth & COVID-19: Implications for HIV Care & Treatment, HealthHIV webinar, available on demand
April 10, 2020 | Practicing Self-Compassion Webinar, MHA (click for recording) 
June 23-25, 2020 | SYNChronicity 2020: Virtually Syncing HIV, HCV, STI and LGBTQ Healthvirtual conference

Online Learning for Healthcare Providers, 24/7

The HealtheKnowledge online learning portal offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of improving health and healthcare services.

  • Each high-quality HealtheKnowledge course offers a free Certificate of Completion for you to keep once you have passed the course requirements.
  • Continuing Education (CE) credit is available for most of our courses for $5 per credit hour.

Provider Wellbeing During a Public Health Crisis: Click here to access webinar (MHTTC)


Archived Webinars

Adapting and Implementing Caring Contacts for Suicide Prevention in VA (HSRD Cyberseminar, 3/9/2020)

Promoting Connectedness for Veterans and Active Duty Personnel (ICRC-S, 2018-19)

Promoting Connectedness for Youth Through Social Networks (ICRC-S)

What We Know About Stigma and How it Applies to Suicide. Heidi Bryan Consulting - www.heidibryan.com.

Suicide & Bullying: Preventing Suicide through Collaborative Upstream Interventions. ICRC-S Webinar

Developing and Delivering Effective Suicide Prevention Messaging: We All Play a Role!  National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Archived PSW Teleconferences/Webinars

2016 PSW teleconference series: The Elements of Zero Suicide.

Each teleconference will introduce you to one of the elements of the Zero Suicide model and provide a concrete strategy that you can begin to implement in your organization or community.

• March 15: The First Step: Evidence-Based Suicide Screening Across Medical & Mental Health Facilities

• May 17: Safety Planning

• September 20: Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicide

• November 15: The Elements of Zero Suicide; Training the Workforce; 2016 Coalition Survey Findings

May 16: First Responders

Care for the Caretakers: Responding to the elevated risk of suicide among first responders ,, Presented by Mary VanHaute

March 21: Middle Aged Men


  • Laurie Rosenblum, MPH - SPRC Researcher/Writer. Laurie will talk about Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for Suicide Prevention Programs, a report for which she directed research.
  • Barb Bigalke - Executive Director, Center for Suicide Awareness (Hopeline). Barb will talk about her outreach to taverns to reach this population.

Current State Statistics (Scroll to bottom of page. Open Excel spreadsheet.)

Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for Suicide Prevention Programs (SPRC) (Report)

Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for State and Community Suicide Prevention Programs (SPRC)  (PDF)

January 17: LGBTQ

What Can Wisconsin Communities Do to Support the Health of LGBTQ Youth?

LGBTQ Audience Specific Resources

New Webinars!

Stay up to date on evidence-based approaches to suicide prevention with the following sources.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center 

You can find information about suicide prevention at their website and also sign up for the weekly eNewsletter at www.sprc.org. They offer regular webinars on important topics. Visit the Training & Events page and filter by "General Webinars".

Injury Control Research Center

The ICRS for Suicide Prevention (ICRC-S) is designed to bring you the latest news and research in the field of suicide prevention. You can find them at http://suicideprevention-icrc-s.org/. Find archived webinars here.

The Jed Foundation (JED)

JED works with partners to provide informative webinar sessions for campus professionals on current issues in college mental health. Learn more and find archived webinars here.

American Association of Suicidology (AAS)

 AAS promotes the understanding and prevention of suicide and supports those who have been affected by it. Find out about upcoming webinars and link to previously recorded webinars here.

Zero Suicide Topic Calls

 MHA offers quarterly Zero Suicide Topic Calls. These focus on topics of specific interest to organizations that have participated in our various Zero Suicide trainings. However, anyone may participate in these calls. Subscribe to the PSW eNews in order to learn about upcoming calls.