What We Know About Stigma and How it Applies to Suicide. Heidi Bryan Consulting - www.heidibryan.com.

Suicide & Bullying: Preventing Suicide through Collaborative Upstream Interventions. ICRC-S Webinar

Developing and Delivering Effective Suicide Prevention Messaging: We All Play a Role!  National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention


MCH Adolescent Suicide Prevention Learning Community Resources

December 19: MPS Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention, and Re-Entry

Note the two separate links from the call. You can view them here:

  1. Updates and RedCap Reporting Walk Through: https://zoom.us/recording/share/qGSpWMGtX_tdfydchkD1KjgJ4jvu3r0oxSgo-iDJSPCwIumekTziMw
  2. MPS Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention, and Re-Entry Presentation: https://zoom.us/recording/share/fwT6nvzJ9pf2yREI60XdWZi5hOO-C4-JJeZJ6Zt39O2wIumekTziMw

October 15: Topic Call- Trauma & Resilience

Additional Resources

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: You can find plenty of information about suicide prevention at their website and also sign up for the weekly enewsletter at www.sprc.org. They offer regular webinars on important topics. Visit the Training & Events page and filter by "General Webinars".

Injury Control Research Center: The Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention (ICRC-S) is designed to bring you the latest news and research in the field of suicide prevention. You can find them at http://suicideprevention-icrc-s.org/. Find archived webinars here.

The Jed Foundation (JED): JED works with partners to provide informative webinar sessions for campus professionals on current issues in college mental health. Learn more and find archived webinars here.

American Association of Suicidology (AAS): AAS promotes the understanding and prevention of suicide and supports those who have been affected by it. Find out about upcoming webinars and link to previously recorded webinars here.

Zero Suicide Topic CallsMHA offers quarterly Zero Suicide Topic Calls. These focus on topics of specific interest to organizations that have participated in our various Zero Suicide trainings. However, anyone may participate in these calls. Subscribe to the PSW enews in order to learn about upcoming calls.

Materials from Previous PSW Teleconferences/Webinars

May 16: First Responders

Care for the Caretakers: Responding to the elevated risk of suicide among first responders ,, Presented by Mary VanHaute

March 21: Middle Aged Men


  • Laurie Rosenblum, MPH - SPRC Researcher/Writer. Laurie will talk about Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for Suicide Prevention Programs, a report for which she directed research.
  • Barb Bigalke - Executive Director, Center for Suicide Awareness (Hopeline). Barb will talk about her outreach to taverns to reach this population.

Current State Statistics (Scroll to bottom of page. Open Excel spreadsheet.)

Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for Suicide Prevention Programs (SPRC) (Report)

Preventing Suicide among Men in the Middle Years: Recommendations for State and Community Suicide Prevention Programs (SPRC)  (PDF)

January 17: LGBTQ

What Can Wisconsin Communities Do to Support the Health of LGBTQ Youth?

LGBTQ Audience Specific Resources


2016 PSW Teleconference Archives