Zero Suicide Topic Calls

November 13: Expanding Access to Mental Health Care, A Critical Strategy Towards Achieving Zero Suicides


Dr. Jon A. Lehrmann, MD, Professor and Chairman in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin

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May 23: Care Transitions 


Elaine de Mello, LCSW, NAMI New Hampshire 

Shannon Murano, MS, New Hampshire Hospital

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February 8th: Assessing Thoughts of Suicide in Adolescents and Younger Children


Scott W. Radtke, MSE, LPC, NCC, Chief Clinical Officer, Catalpa Health

Gina Day (Leonardelli), LPC, NCC, Mental Health Therapist and Clinic Project Coordinator, Catalpa Health

Lakiesha Russell, LPC, Therapist, Speaker, Consultant, CEO of The Evolving Chair Counseling and Consulting Agency


October 24: Jail Suicide Prevention

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May 25: Death Review Teams

Denise Wirth (Eau Claire City-County Health Department) and Debbie Rueber (Kenosha County Division of Health)  discussed death review teams. The “Self-Harm Death Analysis Review Team  (SDART) Toolkit” was referenced throughout the presentation. Notes from the call >>

DQA’s report on reportable suicide deaths in Wisconsin

January 25: Pathway to Care

Jenna Heise, Texas’ State Suicide Prevention Coordinator, presented on the pathway to care and care transitions. Jenna’s work is with Texas’ local mental health authorities which are similar to our county human service providers - so this is especially relevant to those  working in the public system and with programs such as CSP and CCS.
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