PSW Coalition Response to Coping with COVID-19

Resources and Information

Coalitions, support group facilitators, and other suicide prevention partners identified these needs and topics to be addressed through the PSW Coalition. The following agenda is a working document to organize the resources shared by PSW coalition leaders and partners throughout ongoing conversations regarding our response to stress related to COVID19. 


  1. Coping with COVID-19 Stress/Mental Health
  2. Mindful Self-Compassion (Barbara Moser, CompassionMKE)
  3. Safe Messaging (Leah Rolando, MHA of WI)
  4. Mutual Aid (Erica Steib, MHA of WI) - Wisconsin List of Current Mutual Aid Networks; How to Create a Mutual Aid Network; Safety Practices for Mutual Aid During COVID19; Article: How Govt Failure to Address Coronavirus is Sparking A Mutual Aid Revolution
  5. Peer Support/Warm Lines  
  6. County crisis services – Mental health and substance use (Michelle Larson, DHS)
  7. Mental Health Toolkit for May (Debbie Rueber, Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center)
  8. Virtual Trainings (Leah Rolando, MHA of WI)
  9. Postvention/Suicide Loss Support Groups (Leah Rolando, MHA of WI) - AFSP Webinar Recording: Creating and Managing Virtual Suicide Bereavement Support Groups
  10. Telehealth/Telepsychology (Leah Rolando, MHA of WI) - SPRC Webinar-Treating Suicidal Patients during COVID-19: Best Practices and Telehealth
  11. Parenting Support Resources (Leah) - PEP Webinar Series: Parenting during the Coronavirus
  12. School Support – Students and Educators (TBD)
  13. Zero Suicide Implementation during COVID19
    1. Early Detection Systems (Sarah Bassing-Sutton and Beth Clay, N.E.W. Mental Health Connection)
    2. Means Safety in the Home (Jean Papalia, Safe Communities Madison-Dane County; Andrea Nauer-Waldschmidt, Milwaukee BHD)
  14. Death Review Teams (TBD)