2020 Call for Posters

Conference Theme: Reframing the Narrative
Submission Deadline: August 21, 2020

Looking to present, learn, and find inspiration for local and statewide suicide prevention efforts? Students, coalitions, and others engaged in projects or research focused on suicide in Wisconsin are invited to submit an abstract for presentation at the 10th Annual PSW Conference!

Please email your submission as a PowerPoint slide, Word document, or PDF document to be displayed virtually on the website. You are not required to submit an abstract in a structured format as previously requested. However, you are welcome to structure your submission based on these format suggestions:

Structured abstract format (suitable for abstracts on scientific research): 

  • Background: Study objectives, hypothesis, or a description of the problem; 
  • Methods: Study design-including a description of participants, procedures, measures, and appropriate analyses;
  • Results: Specific results in summary form;
  • Conclusions: Description of the main outcome of the study.

Alternative format (suitable for abstracts about policy, programs, interventions, and other types of research evaluations):

  • Issues: A short summary of the issue(s) addressed;
  • Description: Description of the project, experience, service, or advocacy program;
  • Lessons Learned: A brief description of the results of the project;
  • Recommendations: A brief statement of next steps.  

Email submissions to psw@mhawisconsin.org. Questions? Email Leah at leahr@mhawisconsin.org


Posters will be displayed on the PSW website and referenced during conference announcements. If the poster creator would like, poster content will be featured on PSW and MHA social media before and after the conference dates.