Law Enforcement

Suicide Prevention Guide for Law Enforcement

Developed in partnership with and endorsed by the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies (Badge of Life, Copline, International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Police Suicide Foundation, Safe Call Now, The Pain Behind the Badge and The Barbara Schneider Foundation), this Guide is written in language familiar to those serving our communities and is intended to help those in law enforcement be able to recognize a fellow officer who might be at risk of suicide and how to take action to help them. The Guide addresses issues specific to officers including confidentiality and disclosures, cultural differences, distressing content posted on Facebook and provides suggested resources.

The Guide is available at:  If you would like FREE printed copies of the Guide or wallet cards with the website address to distribute at conferences, community events, to local police departments, etc., please email

The Role of Law Enforcement Officers in Preventing Suicide

This sheet provides basic information to help law enforcement officers recognize and respond to people who may be suicidal or at high risk. It also contains a list of relevant resource materials and organizations. Download the pdf here.