Zero Suicide Website (general)

Zero Suicide is a quality-improvement initiative to build capacity within health care organizations to prevent suicide. 

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Suicide Care Training in WI - UW Green Bay Behavioral Health Training Partnership 

In collaboration with Mental Health America of Wisconsin, the Behavioral Health Training Partnership is pleased to offer suicide care trainings for mental health professionals and health care providers supporting individuals who may be at risk of suicide. These four unique training opportunities are made possible through grant funding from the Department of Health Services to promote best practice and evidence-based techniques in recognizing, assessing and managing suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


Counseling on Access to Lethal Means - Online Training Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals

This course is about how to reduce access to the methods people use to kill themselves. It covers who needs lethal means counseling and how to work with people at risk for suicide—and their families—to reduce access.

While this course is primarily designed for mental health professionals, others who work with people at risk for suicide, such as health care providers and social service professionals, may also benefit.


Safety Planning: A quick guide for clinicians 

A safety plan is a prioritized written list of coping strategies and sources of support to be used by patients who have been assessed to be at high risk for suicide. Link leads to the quick guide PDF download and a link to the safety plan treatment manual to explain how safety plans should be used. 


Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care 

Can be used by all primary care providers, including those in non-rural settings. Contains tools, information, and resources to implement state-of-the art suicide prevention practices and overcome barriers to treating suicidal patients in the primary care setting. You’ll find assessment guidelines, safety plans, billing tips, sample protocols, and more. Developed by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) and the Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education (WICHE) Mental Health Program.