Use data to identify subpopulations at elevated risk of suicide in order to guide program efforts

As noted, The Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin 2007-2011 report identified populations at elevated risk of suicide. These include:

  • Men 45-54 years of age
  • People with less than a high school degree
  • Divorced people
  • Veterans
  • Persons with a current mental health problem
  • Persons with intimate partner problems

By targeting efforts to work with these populations, there may be a better chance of having an impact on suicide in Wisconsin. Over time, the relative risk of suicide among various groups may change. As such, continuous surveillance and investigation are necessary to ensure that prevention efforts remain focused on the populations and communities with the greatest needs.

(See Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Strategy, Page 24)


Department of Health Services WISH Query System

CDC WISQARS Query System


The Trevor Project, suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth

DryHootch, a veterans peer support organization working with vets from all eras

Man Therapy, an example of a targeted media campaign designed to appeal to working-age men