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Date: 10/4/2018 11:15:09 AM

Opportunities Abound!

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Zero Suicide Regional Training Grants

Zero Suicide Topic Call

PSW Conference Call for Presentations 


Zero Suicide: Regional Training Grants

Announcement of Upcoming Funding Opportunity!

Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA) is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of funding to support regional Zero Suicide training grants. Up to four grants of up to $20,000 each will be awarded pending the receipt of qualifying applications. The funding is made possible by an increase in the federal mental health block grant (MHBG), part of which the Division of Care and Treatment Services/Department of Health Services (DHS) has provided to MHA for this effort.

We anticipate the release of a Request for Applications (RFA) in early November, to be due in mid-December. The RFA will provide details of the documentation that applicants will need to provide. Recognizing that this is a relatively short timeframe, we are providing some preliminary information so that interested organizations can begin discussions and planning. You can find this information here or on the Prevent Suicide Wisconsin website homepage under "What's New".


Zero Suicide Topic Call

Jail Suicide Prevention

Anyone may join our quarterly Zero Suicide topic calls. The next call will cover suicide prevention in the jail. The call will be on October 24th at 11am.

Call-in: 888-387-8686; passcode: 5111211



PSW Conference 2019

Now Accepting Proposals for Breakout Presentations!

Our Prevent Suicide Wisconsin Conference Call for Presentations is now live and can be accessed via this link or can be found on the PSW website homepage under "What's New". If you would like to view a pdf version of the Call for Presentations, you can do so here.

Selection of breakout presentations will be based on the following criteria:2018-psw-conference.jpg
1. Presenter qualifications and responsiveness,
2. inclusion of the theme of connection,
3. promotion of evidence-based information/best practices,
4. integration of the experiences of communities at high/disproportionate risk of suicide (e.g., People of Color, LGBTQ+ Youth, Veterans, Men in the Middle years), and
5. the direct inclusion of presenters with lived experience of suicidality and/or suicide loss (Note: lack of presenters with lived experience will not disqualify proposal).

If you have questions about the upcoming conference and/or proposal submission or selection process, please email Leah at leahr@mhawisconsin.org. Thank you!