Expand access to services for mental health and substance use disorders, as well as suicidal thoughts and behavior

According to The Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin 2007-2011report, 59% of suicide decedents in Wisconsin were observed in a depressed mood around the time of death. Over 50% of suicide decedents suffered from diagnosed mental health problems and 26% suffered from alcohol problems. Approximately 43% were currently receiving mental health treatment and 52% had received treatment at some point in their lives. The large percentage of suicide decedents who had engaged with mental health services suggests that Wisconsin’s mental health system is not sufficiently prepared to assist individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts or crises. On the other hand, nearly half of Wisconsin residents who died by suicide had never received mental health services. It is likely, however, that such services could have benefited these individuals. Multiple factors may contribute to a person’s decision not to seek help, including stigmatization of mental health and substance use disorders, lack of insurance, or other financial obstacles and geographical barriers to accessing care.

(See Wisconsin Suicide Prevention Strategy, Page 16)


Wisconsin Medicaid Eligibility and Benefits

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Resources by County  (Mental Health America of Wisconsin website)

Wisconsin Council on Mental Health  The WCMH is the state's Governor-appointed mental health planning and advisory council. A key role of the WCMH is to advocate for expansion of access to mental health services. The website provides additional information about the WCMH and the state's mental health block grant.

State Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse

Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Community Mental Health Services

Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, Consumer Health Information