Compassion Resilience: A Toolkit for Schools and Health & Human Services Organizations
Facilitator/Administrator Team Training

We want to show up strong and compassionate every day.

Compassion Fatigue is normal response when we care about people in distress.

We work in a context that is always evolving, and this can be challenging.

Help yourself and your colleagues by learning the skills and supports that build resilience.

As leaders, empower your staff to manage the daily stresses of the teaching and helping professions.

Bottom line? Attract, support and retain the best people for Wisconsin’s children, adults and families.


The Compassion Resilience Toolkit is a flexibly implemented set of resources to build awareness of compassion fatigue and strategies to increase compassion resilience in all staff from a system and individual perspective. The resources include activities for guided all-staff, small group or team-based use as well as for individual reflection. The 12 sections include activities for leaders and staff on realistic expectations, setting compassionate boundaries, building a staff culture of compassion, self-care strategies, and links to further learning.

This is a team training for 3-5 people from your organization. The team will ideally include at least 1 administrator and 2-4 people who will facilitate with staff. This training will prepare your team to bring the toolkit resources back to your colleagues. The day includes clarification of leadership roles, rationale for the work, a look at how to inspire culture change through the toolkit, and tips for implementing the toolkit resources matched to the realities of your current organizational commitments and goals.

Cost: $85 per person (for a team of 3-5 people)

Start time: 8am

Registration/Payment Instructions: Each member of your team should register individually using the conference registration link below. Individuals will not be prompted for payment. One person from the team should contact Cara Hansen at or 414-336-7969 to arrange for one team payment.


Facilator: Sue McKenzie

Sue McKenzie has led the development of educational programs and collaborative projects in the mental health field at a local, state and national level. Ms. McKenzie provided national training under grants from CDC, SAMHSA and the Department of Education. As the Program Director for Rogers InHealth and facilitative lead for WISE (Wisconsin’s Initiative for Stigma Elimination), she works through partnerships to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges and increase effective supports. Innovative program design, collaborative leadership skills, and a tenacious passion to share the reality and hope of recovery are key assets she brings to Rogers InHealth and WISE.