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Keynote PowerPoint: Connection: The Key to Prevention

2019 HOPES Award Winners

Engaging People with Lived Experience

Engaging Suicide Attempt Survivors - Resources

Language Matters: Choose Language Carefully

Suicide in Wisconsin: Impact & Response - Report Outline

Healthy Wisconsin Data Trends: Suicide


Breakout 1

1a. Creating Connections to Change Lives: Building Peer Support in Your Community

1b. Lived Experience Leading Systems Change

      Language Guide

      Hosting a Meeting Using Principles of Trauma Informed Care

      Lived Experience Leadership in Agencies & Systems

      Meaningful Engagement with Family Leaders for Systems Change

      Sensitive Responses to Disclosures of Past Trauma: What to Say, Actions to Offer, and Easy-to-Access Resources

      Y-VAL Assessment of Youth & Young Adult Voice at the Agency Level

1c. Time Well Spent Together: Person Centered Planning and Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention in People with Disabilities

1d. Writing Grants That Get the Funding

1e. LOSS Teams: A Proactive Postvention Prevention Approach (PowerPoint not available)

      Grief: A Tangled "Ball" of Emotions

      Self-Care Domains

      Self-Care Plan

      Stress & Coping Self Test

      Common Themes of Trauma

      How Can I Help Someone Who is Grieving?

      Launch a Loss Team

1f. Promoting Awareness and Sustaining Prevention through Coalition Events

Breakout 2

2a. Monitoring and Managing Suicide Risk for Those Who Self-Injure (PowerPoint not available)

2b. Alternatives to Suicide Peer-to-Peer Groups

      Charter for Alternatives to Suicide Mutual Support Groups

      Guide to Alternative Conversations Groups

      Possible Questions, Statements, and Strategies for Helping Individuals Who are Suicidal

      Suicide and Language: Food for Thought

2c. Building Compassion Resilience at Work and Home

2d. The Invisible Population: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth Suicide Risk and Prevention Efforts   (PowerPoint not available)

2e. Understanding Racial Trauma Risk

      APA DSM5 Cultural Formulation Interview


2f. A Framework for Suicide Prevention in the Schools: The Milwaukee Public Schools Approach

     MPS Suicide Prevention Resource Guide

     Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Triage Guidelines for Support Staff

     Student Support Plan

     Suggestions for Parents Following Suicide Risk Assessment

     Suicide Prevention Within a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

     Tip Sheet for Counseling Students and Families on Means Restriction

 Breakout 3

3a. Language Matters: Safe and Effective Prevention Messaging

      Language Matters: Be a De-Stigmatizer

3b. Veterans Culture & Reintegration

3c. Systems Change for Suicide Prevention: A Jackson County Approach (PowerPoint not available)

3d. Saving our Youth: Suicide Prevention & Suicide Attempt After-care

3e. Trans 101 and Preventing Suicide in the LGBTQ+ Community

     The Gender Unicorn

     LGBTQ+ Terms